Portable Herbal Vaporizer – A Quick Guide

The dangers of smoking have been discussed so much that it seems as if people are being offered new ways to quit smoking and healthier alternatives to the habit every single day. There are those who say quitting cold turkey is still the most effective strategy, but let’s face it: it’s almost impossible for people to achieve that goal. Nicotine gum and nicotine patches became quite popular several years back, but many people slipped and went back to smoking because they missed the “social experience” associated with smoking.

One suggested alternative that has gained popularity in recent years is vaporizing. Perhaps the biggest reason for the growing popularity of this alternative and its success in helping people quit completely lies in the fact that it does not take away the social aspect of the smoking habit. It is also being hailed as the healthy way to enjoy the high and other benefits provided by whatever weed or herb you choose to take in. When you smoke, you burn the weed/herb and therefore release toxins along with the weed/herb’s active ingredients. With vaporization, the weed/herb is heated only to the point of stimulating the active ingredients without releasing any toxins.

Choosing a Vaporizer

The growth in popularity of vaporizing as a smoking alternative has also paved the way for the development of a wide range of vaporizers. There are now so many options that the task of shopping for the ideal vaporizer can be quite overwhelming. For one thing, you’ll have to decide whether to get a desktop or portable herbal vaporizer. If you plan to use the device only on a few occasions within the comfort of your home, then a desktop version may be the ideal vaporizer for you. However, if you need to use it for medication purposes several times each day, then a handheld model may be your best bet.

Ascent Vape

You will also have to decide whether to get a butane-powered or battery-powered device. Butane-powered devices are generally ideal for those who are constantly outdoors, without easy access to electrical outlets. Other factors that need to be considered include warm-up duration, heating elements, efficiency, design, price, and warranty. Note that there isn’t a single vaporizer in the market that can be considered “the best.” What’s best for you will depend solely on what you need.

Benefits of Using a Portable Herbal Vaporizer

As mentioned earlier, vaporizing is considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and there are many good reasons for this. Aside from the fact that it helps you avoid the harmful toxins that are typically released when you smoke, vaporizing also reduces the risk of damaging lung tissue primarily because the vapor you inhale is a lot cooler than smoke. Vaporizing also provides you with a purer and more concentrated form of whatever substance you choose to vaporize. This means you are able to get the most out of the substance.

Scientific tests have also identified vaporization as the fastest way of bringing herbal substances into your bloodstream. Therefore, if you plan to use a portable herbal vaporizer for aromatherapy purposes, you’ll be glad to know that this is the quickest way for you to experience the desired effects and enjoy the offered benefits. You may also want to note that technological advancements have integrated digital precision into most vaporizers, which means dosage and temperature are now more accurate than ever, thereby protecting you against the risk of excessive intake.

Aromatherapy Ingredients

Vaporizing is known as the quickest way of bringing the active ingredients of aromatherapy herbs and other weeds into your bloodstream. Flickr.com photo by CINNAMON VOGUE

Heating Elements

When you dig up information on vaporizers, you are bound to notice that there’s a lot of talk about heating elements. Brands tend to advertise their vaporizers as having the “best available heating element,” among other things. Now, you might wonder, “Why does the heating element matter?” Well, the heating element is indeed an integral part of any vaporizer, as it regulates the temperature of the substance you choose to vaporize or the air that passes through that substance. You’ll want your vaporizer’s heating element to be as precise as possible to make sure it is exactly as hot as you want it to be.

Here are the different types of heating elements and what they have to offer:

  1. Aluminum

Some of the most popular (and expensive) brands of portable vaporizer feature aluminum heating elements. This material is said to be the most precise because it responds to temperature changes very quickly. Critics of this heating element have cited health risks such as an increased risk for Alzheimer’s. However, experts have already debunked this argument, pointing out that the aluminum heating block does not emit any substance that may be inhaled by the person using the vaporizer. A device with well-designed aluminum heating element is therefore safe enough.

  1. Ceramic

This is the most commonly used type of heating element. Those who swear by ceramic heating elements argue that it is the cleanest (and therefore healthiest) heating element currently available. To a certain extent, this claim is indeed true. Ceramic has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures before it starts changing into gas. Other types of heating element turn into gas at much lower temperatures.

If you do choose to go for a vaporizer with ceramic heating elements, make sure the heating element is of excellent quality. As a general rule, cheaper devices have exposed wire or solder in its ceramic heating element, which can emit harmful toxins. It may be a good idea to choose a device that’s priced at the upper end of your budget range.

  1. Glass

Where heating elements are concerned, glass basically has the same characteristics as ceramic. However, only one vaporizer is currently using glass heating elements. If you choose this type of heating element, therefore, you won’t have much of a choice.


Although vaporizing is commonly touted as a healthy alternative to smoking, note that it’s not just tobacco and cannabis that you can vaporize. You can also use your portable herbal vaporizer for herbs such as chamomile, eucalyptus and mint, lavender, sage, and thyme, among others. Any weed or herb you normally use for aromatherapy sessions can, in fact, be used for vaping sessions as well. On days when you want to let go of stress, therefore, your options can go beyond an aromatic bath or massage; you can spend some time vaporizing so you’ll have a truly relaxing sleep.

Things Learned from Reading Yaoi

Funny but there are some yaoi manga that would teach you a lesson or two if you take them seriously—you might not even know it! Here are just some of the basic ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard fan of the genre or you are just the typical otaku who is looking for some other content to read about.

Love Happens to Almost Anyone

Gintoki and Hijikata

We are human beings so obviously, we have the right to fall in love (regardless if they love you back the same way or not). At one point, you can’t really help it (gender preferences aside since our generation’s quite different now) because whether you like it or not, there will come a time when you have to share your life completely with someone else. These scenarios are often present in yaoi manga (whether it’s subtext or plain obvious in the plot).

It’s Not All about Sex

When people hear the word yaoi, people would say that the plot is just about two men having sex with each other. No! That’s not all true. There are some stories under this particular genre that don’t have any sexual situations in them. Just because it has a yaoi plot, it’s not all about sex.



While it’s true that yaoi is all about homosexual relationships between men, you should not always pay attention to this genre all the time. Though you may be a fangirl to this “hardcore” genre, it’s still advisable that you read other manga genres to have an unbiased perspective of things. It’s not that we are trying to diminish or avoid your cravings for yaoi, it’s to let you know that besides this awesome of genre; there are still other stories that might get you hooked. Read through reviews and recommendations from other people if you don’t have a clue on what to read next. You’d be so glad that you did. Happy reading!

Quick Movie Updates: Highly-Anticipated Movies for the Upcoming Years

2015 is undeniably a great year for movie buffs. With a lot of exceptional movies set to release this year, we can’t help but ask: “Are there still great movies left to look forward to in the coming years?” Definitely! Here are some of the highly-anticipated films for 2016 and beyond:

Finding Dory (Release Date: June 17, 2016)

Finding Dory

The upcoming 3D animated film Finding Dory is a sequel to Disney’s 2003 movie Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks will reprise their roles as Dory and Marlin in the film. After successfully finding Nemo, Dory is now living with Marlin and Nemo in the same reef. However, a school trip triggers her memory and makes her decide to go back from where she was born to get reunited with her family.

Avatar 2 (Release Date: December 25, 2017)

Avatar 2

The highest-grossing film of all time is back! After eight years, James Cameron’s hit sci-fi film will return for a second installment. Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver will reprise their roles in Avatar 2. The movie was set to be released in 2016 but James Cameron has delayed the release to 2017. After Avatar 2, Cameron is planning to release two more sequels for the film.

Alice in Wonderland 2 (Release Date: May 27, 2016)

Alice in Wonderland 2

Tim Burton’s successful live-action remake of the classic animated movie Alice in Wonderland became a massive success when it was released in 2010. This coming 2016, the second installment of the movie will be released with Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter reprising their roles. The filming started in August 2014.

Other films to look forward for the upcoming years are How to Train Your Dragon 3 (2018), Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017), Pacific Rim 2 (2017), and Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (2018).

Movie Scoop: Julie Andrews’ Journey – From West End to Broadway to Hollywood


Julie Elizabeth Andrews is a British award-winning actress, singer, author, and theater director who has enchanted the world with her acting and singing prowess. Featured in several musical movies including Marry Poppins (1965) and The Sound of Music (1995), Andrews first started her career as a stage actress in West End. Being gifted with a wonderful voice and exceptional acting skills, she made her solo debut Je suis Titania performance at the London Hippodrome in 1947. It was part of the musical show called Starlight Roof. Gaining success and popularity through appearing into different musical plays and TV series, Andrews became Princess Badroulbadour in the musical Aladdin in West End.

When she was 19 years old, Andrews flew to America and made her debut in Broadway portraying the role of Polly Browne from the successful London musical The Boy Friend. After The Boy Friend, Andrews portrayed the role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Her Broadway performance made her become popular and led her to become a film actress. In 1957, Andrews appeared in the Rodgers and Hammerstein TV musical Cinderella. After that, she has been featured in several TV shows.

In 1965, Andrews had her breakthrough in the movie industry by her performance in Disney’s musical movie Mary Poppins. The movie was a blockbuster hit and earned 13 Academy Awards nomination and won five including Best Actress for Andrews. After Mary Poppins, Andrews starred in another musical movie The Sound of Music as Maria Von Trapp. The movie became the highest-grossing film of the year. For her portrayal as Maria Von Trapp, Andrews was again nominated in the Academy Awards as Best Actress but lost it to Julie Christie. Being active in the movie industry for almost 60 years, Andrews has appeared in many films and TV shows and has received a lot of accolades for her craft as an actress and singer. Andrews has won one Academy Awards, five Golden Globes Awards, three Grammy Awards and two Emmy Awards. Just last 2000 she was made Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution and influence to the performing arts.

Movie Facts: Most Popular Fictional Dogs in Movies

Dogs are not just good companions, guards, and playmates, but also exceptional actors. With so many movies featuring dogs, it would take forever to list down the names of all the loyal furry creatures that starred in their own flicks or played supporting roles in movies. Instead, we give you the three most popular fictional dogs in movies:


Featured in ten films since 1943, it cannot be denied that Lassie is everyone’s favorite collie. Lassie is a female dog character taken from Eric Knight’s novel, Come Home-Lassie. Aside from being in films, Lassie has also been featured in a number of television series, radio series, books, and even toys.

Lassie Film

Lassie is also one of only three animals to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With a lot of film remakes, the main plot of the movie has also been altered, with Lassie and her loyalty being the only things remaining constant. Since 1943, six trained collies have brought the character of Lassie to life in the movies.

Perdita and Pongo

Perdita and Pongo, the lovable Dalmatians in the 101 Dalmatians franchise, are also among the most beloved fictional dogs ever to be featured in movies. Based on Dodie Smith’s novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita are the parents of 15 puppies that Cruella De Ville has stolen from their human parents’ (Roger and Annie) house.

Pongo and Perdita in 101 Dalmatians

The dogs made a frantic search for their puppies and even asked help from other animals to retrieve them. Perdita and Pongo proved to us that even animals can love their offspring unconditionally.


Rubeus Hagrid’s pet dog, Fang, in the Harry Potter movie series is also among the popular fictional dogs that made us laugh. Fang is an oversized boarhound dog that always escorts Hagrid to various places, including the Forbidden Forest.

Fang in White Fang

Fang may act cowardly, but whenever Hagrid is in danger, he’s always ready to rip to shreds anyone who plans to hurt his master. Just like many other dogs in a movie franchise, Hagrid’s dog also became famous for his love and loyalty.

Magical Girl Franchises with Games – Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.

Well, yes (unbelievably) they exist! Popular magical-girl themed games also dominate the gaming market. Though some produce these games just for the sake of continuing the franchise, others just produce them due to they think it’s a household name and it’s good marketing for the company who owns them. Regardless if the TV shows or movie series are done, these magical girl games continue to exist for the benefit of their fans.

Here are just some of these series and franchises that have their own games. You can look them up for their video game spinoffs for the different gaming platforms. You’d be surprised that these series might have two games or even more!

Winx Club

Winx Club is mostly being described by many as “an Italian version of Sailor Moon”. It was created by Iginio Straffi—Founder and CEO of the Italian animation studios, Rainbow S.r.l.

Winx Club Characters

Winx Club centers on the story of an ordinary girl named Bloom who finds out that she is actually a fairy from the world of Magix. She then finds friendship with the other fairies in the said dimension (Flora, Tecna, Stella, Musa, and Laila) to help her complete the bits and pieces of her past and restore the balance of the magical realm.


Like Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H. is also a magical girl series produced in Italy but under an Italian publishing company, Disney Italia. It is a monthly comic book magazine series that ran from 2001 to 2012. It is a story of five ordinary girls who were chosen by the council of Kandrakar to protect the earth and other universal realms to bring back peace and order.

W.I.T.C.H. Characters

Aside from their guardian hero duties, the story also tackles about the girls’ normal lives like school, relationships, and family situations. The series title is actually based from the first initials of the five women protagonists namely Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin.

Movie Fun Facts: Johnny Depp and His Bizarre Movie Characters

Movie Fun Facts: Johnny Depp and His Bizarre Movie Characters

Johnny Depp is a versatile actor, there’s no doubt about that. Making more than 30 films since 1984, he never failed to entertain and amaze the people with his acting prowess. Here are some of the bizarre characters that were brought to life by Johnny Depp on the big screen.

Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

Captain Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is an eccentric and treacherous pirate and the captain of The Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow is one of the nine pirate lords in the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas. He is very cunning and is seen in the films to invariably survive tough situations by using his wits instead of force. Depp’s performance in the movie made him nominated for Best Actor in the Academy Awards. The suave but awkward pirate will be back on the big screen this coming 2017 for its fifth installment. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Mad Hatter as Jack Sparrow

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) is a musical comedy adventure film which is a film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s book. Willy Wonka is the genius candy-maker who gave away five Golden Tickets to five lucky children and promised to give them a tour to his chocolate factory which is actually producing the most delicious chocolate and candies in the whole world. Willy Wonka is an awkward and mysterious man whose love for sweets is very evident because he became the world’s greatest candy maker. Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka made him nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy in the Golden Globe Award.

The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp brought to life The Mad Hatter in the 2010 fantasy film Alice in Wonderland. The movie is the film adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s fantasy novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass (1871). In the movie, The Mad Hatter becomes Alice’s trusted companion in helping her slay the Jabberwocky. The role earned Depp a lot of accolades.

Girl Gamer’s Guide to Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is still hailed as one of the most popular and long-running MMORPG games since its release. Though there are a lot of online games released by many game publishers worldwide, a lot still crave for Ragnarok’s simple game interface and easy gameplay. You explore different worlds, battle monsters, and go head-to-head with other players in PvP or GvG (Player vs. Player or Guild vs. Guild).

Ragnarok Online Classes


A lot of you girls would say that Ragnarok Online was your first MMORPG. That’s normal—since a great majority started from this game. No matter how much you crave for games that have awesome three dimensional graphics and incredible Final Fantasy-ish storylines, nothing really beats Ragnarok’s gameplay. It is also a perfect getaway from those complicated mainstream games that are played by the majority.

Start with the Basics

If you are still new to Ragnarok Online (or perhaps planning to go back), always start with the basic stuff before jumping into the complicated stat builds and job classes. You can always begin as a swordsman first or a merchant. If you finally got the hang of it, try out other stat builds and job classes like a mage or an acolyte. These may take time to master but they are worth it once your level progresses.

Ragnarok Online Characters

Check Character and Quests Guides

Some players in the game usually write a “journal” about their experiences and share it to other players for their gaming convenience. So always check for quest and character guides on the Internet to help you with your queries. If all else fails, you can even try asking from the people in-game.

Only Engage into PVP When You’re Ready

If you have achieved level 99, it doesn’t mean that you’re strong enough to defeat any character you meet in PvP arena or during guild wars. Check if your items and equipments are good enough to help you survive in PVP or during a guild siege.

Why MMORPG Servers Close Down

It’s an irrefutable fact: no online game lasts for long. They usually last for only a year; even the most popular ones (with some exceptions; WoW comes to mind) don’t last more than a decade. Whatever the factors are, there are too few games that can hold gamers’ attention for several years, much less decades.

World of Warcraft

When it comes to online games (specifically MMORPGs since they dominate the online gaming industry) here are some of the common reasons why they don’t last. Remember that this is not something to discourage gamers to further play the game; this is just an eye-opener to at least give you an accurate perspective of what’s going to happen.

It’s All about the Cash

Of course, game publishers need money to get everything running. To keep up with the demands and to keep the servers and the game stable, they offer in-game items on sale but it’s only obtainable if you by them via cash transaction.

Though this is okay, there are some game publishers that take these cash-demanding measures to the extreme. Instead of offering in-cash items, they force players to pay for everything if they wish to play the game in an enjoyable fashion. Items like extra inventory slots, mounts to traverse huge distances—these are just some of the digital goodies that, without which—will make a game quite painful to play. With this kind of draconic approach, gamers just usually stop playing and find another game that doesn’t force them to cough up money for every little convenience.

World of Warcraft Cash

No In-Game Weekly or Monthly Events

What makes players come back to the game all the time is the daily, weekly, and monthly in-game events. Some of these events give players freebies, experience boosts, exclusive items (to be used at a limited time), etc. If the online game doesn’t host these periodically, then chances are the game is no long the developers’ priority. Worse, it can be a sign that server shutdown is imminent.

Bugs and Constant Server Downtimes

Though having server outages are alright if they’re for maintenance purposes, having constant game downtimes is a bit alarming. Out of all the factors here, this one’s more indicative of an imminent closure.League of Legends Server Down

Slow Response to Player Concerns

Of course, it’s important for game servers to immediately respond to reports or concerns made by the community especially if it concerns hacking, game violations, etc. Be wary if a game exhibits a slow response rate from its developers; it’s usually an indication that the game is not being maintained actively.

No More Growth

If the game has nothing interesting anymore to get everyone to stay in the servers, then it’s safe to say its heyday has come and gone; everything will be going downhill—for the worse—from there. It’s either the game publishers had decided not to renew their contracts with the game franchisers or they plan to publish another game that is better.

Most Common Reasons Why Dogs Will Always Be Better Pets Than Cats

Most of us really love having pets at home whether it is a cuddly pup or cat, a cute guinea pig or hamster and even exotic-looking animals such as spiders and lizards. We absolutely love having them around us! They have their own names, their own spot at your place and you never hesitate to spend a wad of cash for their needs. The most common reason why humans love keeping pets is because they help reduce our stress and make our mood lighter. With our pets, there is simply no bad day.

Man's Best Friend

If you are a certified animal lover, there is no doubt that you have heard about the never-ending comparison between felines and canines. Dogs and cats are definitely the most common type of pets all throughout the world. They are cuddly, they are cute, and they interact with you. But just like the undying battle between sexes or of species, the battle between cats and dogs has long been argued by both canine and feline lovers. Which are better pets? Dogs or cats? Here are some reasons that will make you agree that dogs are irrefutably way better than cats:

Dogs can protect you.

While cats may have sharp claws and fangs, let’s admit that we’ve never heard of cats being merited for protecting their owner. Most of the time, your cat would act like you don’t exist and would prefer to sleep and do his own business without you bothering him. So, how do think your cats can protect you against intruders or threats if they are always MIA (missing in action)?

Girl Embracing Dog

Dogs, on the other hand have always been featured several times across the globe for protecting their owners against anyone or anything even if it means losing their lives. They bark at strange things and even people to warn you of possible danger and would not hesitate to attack someone who they think would hurt you. Once you are part of their pack, dogs would do everything to secure your safety.

Dogs love unconditionally.

The most amazing trait of dogs is they love their adoptive family unconditionally. They are loyal to their family from day one up to the end of their lives. While your friends or loved ones may leave you during hard times, your pet dog will be your constant companion through ups and downs.

Dog with Couple

They won’t judge you and they’ll stick to you no matter what. Even when you punish or hurt them, they won’t hold grudges and would still love you. Cats, on the other hand only think of themselves. They want to be pampered all they time and won’t hesitate to find a new owner if you displease them.

Dogs can do jobs.

Have you ever heard of cats being trained to sniff bombs or guide blind people? I doubt. While cats are busy doing their own stuff, dogs are being trained hard to make our society a better place. Even centuries before, dogs have always been making people’s lives easier by helping them accomplish tasks.

Two Dogs with Backpacks

They are trained to help hunt animals, they help guide visually impaired people, they help track missing people, illegal substances, and bombs, and they even help relieve their owner’s stress. Dogs were even one of the first animals to conquer space. Remember Laika? She died while orbiting the Earth but her expedition has paved way to human spaceflight.

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of things that dogs can do that cats can’t, and that makes them better pets than felines.