Lingerie Facts: Types of Shapewear and their Functions

Most women hate the word “fat”, particularly if it is used to describe them. Nobody wants to be called fat, which is why many women strive to achieve a fit figure. Unfortunately, not all women have the willpower to head to the gym and work to achieve the ideal figure. The good news is that someone has come up with shapewear, which can help improve your figure instantly. Shapewear is a type of lingerie that helps you get a shapelier figure. They smooth out the bulges and bumps of your body and make you look curvier. Here are the different kinds of shapewear you might want to consider if you want to look sexier:

Waist Cincher or Fajas

Waist Cincher

A waist cincher, which is sometimes referred to as a waspie or fajas, is a belt worn around the midriff to make it look smaller or create an illusion of it being smaller. This shapewear is perfect for creating the hourglass figure most women want to have; it is also ideal for shaping the torso. Waist cinchers are usually made from breathable materials, so you won’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable.

Body Slips or Body Suits

Body Suits

This shapewear became popular in the 1980s with the help of Donna Karan. Body slips or body suits sculpt your body to help you achieve a curvy figure. When using body slips, your breasts are in place, your waist looks slimmer, and your butt looks perky. Body suits are perfect for providing you with an overall slimming effect.

Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

An anti-cellulite shapewear can either be a pair of shorts or leggings that features a particular level of compression and encourages your smooth blood flow; this process helps break down cellulite and assists with water retention. When wearing this type of shapewear, you will have the appearance of a flat tummy, a shapely butt, and smoother hips. Anti-cellulite shapewear is perfect for creating the illusion of a sexy figure.

Body Shaper

Body Shaper

A body shaper is the perfect type of shapewear for those who want to have a voluptuous figure. This shapewear flattens the tummy, contours the waist, lifts the butt, and enhances your natural curves. Body shapers are very popular among women because they are very effective in creating the illusion of a smaller waist and it also smoothes out the bumps and bulges that may be visible under your clothes.


White Camisole

A slimming camisole can help you have a curvy and smooth silhouette by enhancing the shape of your breasts. This shapewear also flattens the tummy area. Slimming camisoles look like an ordinary tank top, but they are designed specifically to contour your body. Aside from shaping the body, this shapewear also smoothes out bumps that are caused by bra straps.


Beige Girdle

A girdle is a type of shapewear that envelops the torso area to make it appear slimmer. This shapewear has been used since the early 1990s. It trims your waist and emphasizes your bust. There are many kinds of girdle, the most popular of which are the panty girdle, long leg girdle, and open bottom girdle.

Selling Lingerie Through Social Media

Admit it—we use social media on a daily basis to the point that we can’t live without it. It has been a primary source for updates on events, checking up loved ones, any information that we want to know can now be easily accessible with just a few clicks on the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard.

Assorted Lingerie

Due to the exponential upsurge in social media’s popularity ever since its inception, businesses have capitalized on this medium to reach an even wider target market not only locally but also in the international market.

Aside from getting possible buyers via online shopping websites like eBay, Lazada, and Amazon, you can also use social media to get buyers to buy your product. In fact, it’s even more convenient now to communicate with both the buyer and the seller. This guide reveals a short description of these social networking sites and what you can do reach out to its user.

List of Popular Social Networking Sites for your Online Business

Regardless if you used most of these social networking sites or not, the following sites below are currently the most popular. This list would help you make online accounts on your lingerie online business to make it easier for you to transact and communicate with your customers.

Social Media Buttons

FacebookOne of the mostly used social networking sites today, it has around 864 million active users since its launch last 2004. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, it has provided its users to add friends, chat, send messages, and exchange information all in one site.

InstagramAside from Facebook, Instagram is also a popular choice among online sellers due to its features of easy uploading and sharing of photos. With millions of users registered in its application of both Android and iOS users, Instagram is also a best choice to get a lot of customers to buy your product.

PinterestThough recently been introduced, Pinterest has provided online sellers to post, organize, and share pictures and information (in “pins) about their products with total ease.

Don’t Do It Alone

Though it’s easy to browse, upload product photos, and to communicate with your customers using these platforms, it’s best that you don’t do everything by yourself. Get reliable people in your team so that you wouldn’t have to stress yourself out once the orders and demands come in.

Be Transparent

Lingerie is pretty expensive to buy though some people tend to hide this fact. One single set of this product is enough to burn a hole in your wallet. That’s why as an online seller, you need to be as reasonable as possible where pricing is concerned to make sure your customers are getting their money’s worth. On the online shop’s social media account, provide your complete name, your mailing address, and other relevant information about your establishment to help convince buyers you are a legitimate outfit.

Lingerie Styles

Reminder: Be careful with credit card information. Remember that you are not allowed to share your password or pin codes regardless if the said questionable reason is related to buying certain lingerie.


With proper teamwork and proper business practices, your online lingerie business is sure to be a major hit on the Internet!

Coordinating with Removal Brokers

You sometimes encounter these when you move out or look for a reliable removalistcompany to help you transport your items safely. Brisbane, Melbourne, it doesn’t matter where you’re based; when you look for removalists in Brisbane, Perth, or Melbourne, make sure you know what removal brokers are.

contracting a removal broker

What Are Removal Brokers?

Removal brokers are like a third-party individual or company. They help you find reliable movers in your area to help you move out and transport your house items safely to a new location. Though hiring removal brokers are getting really popular these days and though they are very reliable people to coordinate with, you have to note that hiring one would only add to your total moving expenses. Not only will you be paying your broker, you also have to pay your removal company separately.

Do I Really Need One?

It really depends. Most people decide to hire a broker because they just don’t know who to contact. If you really plan to hire one, you just need to be careful who to trust. There are some unscrupulous people posing as removal brokers who might either trick you into paying for an exorbitant fee or trick you into availing of the services of a sub-par removalist company.

Are They Legit?

It’s relatively easy for someone to become a removal broker to the point that most go out and do freelance work. Brokers have differing offers, prices, and even the removal companies that they have connections with. When you plan to hire one, consider asking for his/her credentials before making the deal.

Tip: Do not hire brokers who provide you with vague information about their services and their affiliated removal companies.

Can They Be Contacted Easily?

Do not be easily conned into signing a deal with potential scammers. Remember, reputable removal brokers are always transparent about their dealings and their contact information.

Tip: Always remember to get as much information as you can about the broker. That way if the both of you run into complications that can’t be resolved or if you detect you’re being scammed, you can easily escalate the matter in court.

Another tip: On your first day of meeting with the broker, do not provide all your personal information to the broker especially your credit card information!

Consider the Option of Searching for a Removalist Yourself

Before you hire yourself a removal broker to do the job for you, consider looking for a removal company yourself especially within your area. You can also try seeking advice from other people for their recommendations as well. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about additional costs.


How to Prevent Fogging in Your Scuba Mask

A scuba mask that fogs over underwater is a nightmare to scuba divers. It will either cut your scuba diving adventure short or it will lead you to lose your focus, causing more problems. There are, however, several ways to prevent this from happening. Here are a few things that you can do to stop your scuba masks from going foggy.


Here are some recommended options to prevent fogging in your scuba mask:

  1. There are actually commercial defogging agents available on the market that are specifically designed to coat the lens of your mask. You only need to place a few drops of the liquid onto the lens and rub it around using your finger. Rinse it afterwards with fresh water. Always remember to leave a thin layer of the defogging agent inside the mask and not rubbing out the substance while you are rinsing it.
  2. Another option is using baby shampoo. It is affordable and it can be used the same way as the defogging agent. What divers usually do is that they bring along diluted baby shampoo with their scuba diving equipment. It only takes a few drops, a small rub, and a brief rinse to keep the scuba mask from fogging. Baby shampoo is also preferable due to its hypo-allergenic contents compared to other commercial shampoos. Not only is it biodegradable, it will also make your scuba mask smell good too.
  3. You can also use toothpaste if you don’t have the aforementioned things. You just need to make sure that the toothpaste that you are using is non-abrasive. Apply it to the inside of the mask and rinse it gently using fresh water. If you are highly sensitive to minty fragrances, make sure to thoroughly rinse the mask before you wear it.
  4. Using dishwashing agents and glycerin soaps is also one affordable way to prevent fogging. These work almost the same as baby shampoo. It is as easy as applying a few drops on the inside of the mask’s lens and cleansing it with clean water. The only disadvantage in using or applying too much of these is that they have the tendency to give your eyes a stinging sensation. Thorough cleansing with water is a must until it no longer stings when worn again.

These are just some of the high-recommended options to prevent fogging in your scuba mask. Seek advice from your local dive store for further assistance.